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Sailing - Current Exhibitions
Sailing and Racing images.  Mainly in impasto style to create texture and movement (click on the image to enlarge). Please note that these are examples of some of my work and the galleries may hold others in stock so please do contact them.  Links to galleries are on the Exhibition news page.
Wonderful Winds
Annan Gallery, GlasgowOvernight Competition
Annan Gallery, GlasgowSwinging the Lines
Annan Gallery GlasgowDark Lines
Annan Gallery, Glasgow
Round the Rock
Annan Gallery, GlasgowWhiz Bang on the Foredeck
Castle Framing, CricciethA Dark Racing Line
Castle Framing, CricciethCurly Sails!
Castle Framing, Criccieth
Rushing Through the Night
Castle Framing, CricceithThrashing Down the Line
Cloud GalleriesRegatta by Night
Cloud GalleriesWhirlwinds
Cloud Galleries
Breeze Falling
Cloud GalleriesRace Lines
Cloud GalleriesTurbulence Overnight
Cloud GalleriesSummer Regatta
Cloud Galleries
Rolling Seas
Cloud GalleriesNight Terrors!
Cloud GalleriesWindswept Foredeck
Cloud GalleriesStorm Force
Cloud Galleries
Holding the Line
Cove Gallery, WeymouthBlustery Finish
Cove Gallery, WeymouthThe Headland Race
Cove Gallery, WeymouthBlowy Start
Cove Gallery, Weymouth
Cove Gallery, WeymouthFurling Frantically
Cove Gallery, WeymouthSailing Around the Bay
Cove Gallery, WeymouthA Blast Over the Start
Cove Gallery, Weymouth
Start of the Season
Cove Gallery, WeymouthBillowing Colours
Cove Gallery, WeymouthA Wild Night On the Water
Cove Gallery, WeymouthA Battle Over the Line
Cove Gallery, Weymouth
Tricky Overnight Winds
Cove Gallery, WeymouthBreeze Round the Headland
Dart Gallery, DartmouthNight Fireworks
Dart Gallery, DartmouthFiring Off the Start Line!
Dart Gallery, Dartmouth
Night Colours
Dart Gallery, DartmouthFabulous Wind
Dart Gallery, DartmouthCurling Sails
Dart Gallery, DartmouthWind Dropping
Dart Gallery, Dartmouth
A Blustery Night
Enid Hutt Gallery, KirkcaldyA Cracking Day on the Water
Enid Hutt GalleryA Bit Blowy
Enid Hutt GalleryDark and Dangerous
Enid Hutt Gallery
A Blow Down the Line
Enid Hutt GalleryEast Coast Regatta
Enid Hutt GalleryOut In the Breeze
Jetty Gallery, ObanA Crazy Line
Jetty Gallery, Oban
Overnight Madness
Jetty Gallery, ObanColourful Curls
Jetty Gallery, ObanWorking Through the Night
Jetty Gallery, ObanColour Me Wild!
Jetty Gallery, Oban
Happy Off The Headland
Jetty Gallery, ObanNight Squall
Park Gallery, CheltenhamDownwind Under Kites
Park Gallery, CheltenhamA Dramatic Night Finish
Park Gallery, Cheltenham
Birling Spinnakers
Park Gallery, CheltenhamNight Swell
Park Gallery, CheltenhamA Choppy Night Race
Park Gallery, CheltenhamShortened Course
Picture House Galleries, Padstow
A Fresh Start!
Picture House Gallery, PadstowFresh Breeze
Picture House Gallery, PadstowHauling on the Kites
Picture House Galleries, PadstowGusting Wildly!
Picture House Gallery, Padstow
End of the Line!
Picture House Galleries, PadstowAfter Sunset
Picture House Galleries, PadstowFavourable Breeze
Picture House Galleries, PadstowA Night Lead
Picture House Galleries, Padstow
A Breezy Finish
Scotland Artists, BothwellRacing Overnight
Scotland Artists, BothwellClosing In At The Finish
Scotland Artists, BothwellBurying the Lee Rail
Scotland Artists, Bothwell
Racing Down the Sound
Scotland Artists, BothwellSweeping Up To The Front
Scotland Artists, BothwellNight Regatta
Scotland Artists, BothwellRaising the Kites
Scotland Artists, Bothwell
Regatta Off the Headland
Scotland Artists, BothwellUnfurling the Kite
Scotland Artists, BothwellA Fine Breezy Day
Strathearn Gallery, CrieffSundown Race
Strathearn Gallery, Crieff
Heading For the Islands
Strathearn Gallery, CrieffHolding the Breeze,  Art Agency, EsherBattling Night Winds
The Art Agency, EsherA Warm Wind
The Art Agency, Esher
Gone Fishing!
The Art Agency, EsherNight Fight!
The Art Agency, EsherWindswept Waves
The Art AgencyBreaking Out the Kites
The Art Agency, Esher
Furling In At the Line
The Art Agency, EsherOut in the Breeze
The Art Agency, EsherClean Air
The Framework Gallery, Troon
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